Grow your Bitcoin

Without lifting a finger..

With our RAD Adshares we offer the opportunity to help you to grow your Bitcoin and make it work for you, in a 100% passive mode and even while you sleep.
was created in 2019 with the aim of driving and inciting you to save as much BTC as you can. Today, Road To One Bitcoin with its Brand New Adshare Division can finally give you a solid help pushing your Bitcoin grow.

Through our Adshare Division you can purchase Advertising packages and earn 120% Cashback on your spend in Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is called Digital Gold because it's a Store of Value as Gold. If you want to be Rich in the Future, you should Invest in the Future and start accumulating BTC TODAY!
There will be only 21 Millions BTC and 18.6 million bitcoins are in circulation right now while only 2.4 million bitcoins are left to be mined. This scarcity of Bitcoins will lead to price grow in the future and the demostration is in this bitcoin historical price chart below.

Adshares cost 0.0005 and pay out 120% of the amount
spent ( 0.0006) in an undetermined amount of time. Each Adshare includes an Advertising Package.

The aim of the Adshare Division is to operate in full transparency and to offer good returns through a diversified investment portfolio without making unrealistic promises.

Benefits of our Adshare Program

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Grow your BTC

Buy in Bitcoin, get back Bitcoin. We will not depreciate your BTC value!

Cloud Based

120% Cashback

Earn back 120% of your initial spend even when you sleep, and without lifting a finger

No transaction fees

Advertising Included

Save a lot of money. We include an Advertising Package with every Adshare purchase

Instant operations

Protect your Identity

We don't ask you more than your email address to join and participate in our Adshare program

Strong teams & Advisors

Referral Commissions

Earn Referral Commissions from every dshare Purchase made by your Referrlas

Protects the identity

Worldwide Access

Our Program is an International Advertising Program available to everyone from anywhere








Days online*

*The Adshare program is brand New but our main website, Road21BTC is online since 2019

Adshare Info

Past performance does not guarantee future results.
Average Daily Performance last 30 Days: 0.02%

Adshare Cost 0.0005
Final Returns   0.0006


1 Adshare


40 Adshares




Every Day








No - Included

Road21BTC Mission

This Program is totally dedicated to you and your bitcoins and has been created with the aim of driving and inciting you to save as much BTC as you can. Through you can track your BTC saving, increase your satoshis, learn where to earn BTC and advertise your preferred programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each Adshare cost 0.0005 BTC.
Each Adshare Expire when it reach 120% of its value (0.0006 BTC) and the principal is returned together with the daily earnings.
Absolutely not. We only share profits when and if there are profits. We use third-party online programs and platforms to generate profits. The profits generated from such activities are distributed to our participants through our Adshare rewards program.

The aim of the Adshare rewards program is to offer good returns to their members through a diversified investment portfolio without making unrealistic promises.

You can visit our members area and follow the link to our Downline Builder/Passive Programs to see the programs that we use to Reward our members through our Adshares.

Actually, through our Adshares we allow our members to participate with a small amount of money in Online Opportunities that require more liquidity if anyone wanted to participate individually.
There is no fixed amount of earning here. It is impossible to make any guarantee of earning as we only share profits when and if actually there are profits. The aim is to offer good returns to their members through a diversified investment portfolio without making unrealistic promises.
Yes. Each Adshare have a 468x60 banner slot with 5000 impression and a 125x125 banner slot with 10000 impressions attached to it.
We accept BTC and LTC for Adshare purchases and we pay rewards only in BTC on cashout.
No. There is no need to visit any site, Adshares earn Passively.
Yes, if there are returns they are automatically added every Day to your account wallet.

This page is free to use for All members.